How To Fix A Stove That Will Not Heat?

Almost every home makes use of the stove, and this appliance can cause serious problems if not given immediate attention. Once your stove stops working, you are bound to make adjustments that might jeopardize your daily routine at home. This household appliance is vital as it is the machine you use in cooking for your family’s meals and other food.

Nowadays, many homes can use electric stoves because of the greater coverage of rural electrification, instead of gas stoves. When your electric stove at home stops working you often seek help from trained stove technicians to fix it. But there are some repairs that you can do easily.

This article will give you tips on how to conduct simple repairs to the electric stove yourself. The most common problems with electric stoves include; not heating properly and loud noises when turned on for a longer time. By following these steps correctly, you will have your electric stove working, and you can also avoid the costs of calling for a stove repair service company.

  • Check the burner – One of the most common problems with the stove is when it is not heating properly. Testing the heating element of the burner will help you determine if it is not functioning. While checking the heating element, you also need to verify if the heat controls and the heating element connectors are functional. The burner can sometimes work when it is on “high heat” setting. This situation can indicate that the problem is with the heat control or the wiring connection to the burner. But if the stove burner is not working completely even on high heat, it is advisable to replace it with a new burner. When replacing the stove burner, make sure that you fix and set up all the wire terminals like that of the old.
  • Scrutinize the socket carefully – When the problem is not with the burner, the next thing you need to check is the socket. Make sure that all the wires are firmly attached to the plug accordingly. You will also need to check the current flow of the wall outlet where the socket is being connected.
  • Inspect the electrical switch – Other than the burner and the socket, you might also need to make sure if the power switch functions properly. To check the condition of the switch, you will surely need to use a tester.

Caution: When doing these simple stove repairs, make sure that the cooking appliance is unplugged from any electric source. Your safety should still be your number one priority. Know that if your personal home appliance repair project feels like a dangerous task, you can always call on a trained specialists that can do the job for you.

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